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JYWTMGC is Selling Japanese Tamagotchi & Various Digital Toys to all the world since 2013. We throw the rainbow from our hands to your hands, and we are also happy to hear you are so happy.

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We have been selling Japanese Tamagotchi ( Used and Brand-new ) since 2013. You should be able to find the Various Tamagotchi you are looking for…Selling Various Basic item, Rare Items, Goods, Books, etc.. we like to help Tamagotchi Fans all over the world.Enjoy Japanese Tamagotchi.


We mainly sell Japanese models of Tamagotchi, Basic models, Rare models,  Goods etc..

Digital Toys

We also sell various Japanese Digital Toys, Including Vintage Virtual Pet Toys, Modern LSI Games, and Video Gemes ( Virtual Pet Game ) .

Buy Your Collection

Not only we do sell, we "BUY" your extra collections internationally ,sometiems holding "Trading Campaigns"

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We post "New in Stock", "New Product Info", "Sale Information" on our social media, and sometimes release "the coupon". We have "instagram" ,"Facebook" and "Twitter" accounts. Please follow us and get updates first!!