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Ship Worldwide from Japan.

We have been selling over hundreds of thousands of Tamagotchi to fans all over the world since 2013.

At first, most were sold on ebay, but now more than 90% of all transactions are sold on this site you are viewing now.

We have a strong policy on these two points: “Be certain to deliver this small cute toy in Japan to the people of the world” and “It is always convenient for all Tamagotchi fans in the world” .

We will continue our efforts as much as possible from now on. We are always beside Tamagotchi fans.

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Guarantee for All items in our Store

Even in Japan, there is almost no guarantee for used Tamagotchi. In particular, old 90’s products are mostly sold without a guarantee. However, we currently sell all products with warranty.

Also, we clean all used items and check working before we sell. If there is any trouble with the product, you will not lose 100% of the money in our shop.

Shipping Cost for Combined Shipping

The shipping cost of our store is calculated by the method of “apply only the highest shipping cost”.

For example, If you buy 3 items and the highest shipping rate of the 3 items is $ 10, we will send all items for $ 10. In other words, the more you buy, the better the shipping costs.

Sincere and Polite Customer Service

We provide sincere and polite customer service for inquiries and problems as much as possible.

We did not do anything special, but in the past, many customers gave us a compliment, so this is the reason we have been able to continue the store so far maybe.



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