We ship a large number of orders every day, thanks to your support.

because of that ,we succeeded in reducing the shipping cost of DHL.

We lowered the price once this spring, we were able to lower it this time again.
Depending on the country, shipping costs have been reduced by a few dollars.

Compared to when we first started shipping with DHL, the price was reduced by about 20%.

For example, the price for customers in the US and Canada is $ 15 for small packages.
(※ This price is the current price, and may change in winter or next year.)

The following is an example of tracking results for the United States. It was delivered in 4 days.

In our shop, even if you purchase multiple products, it only costs the shipping cost of one of them. Please put the products in the cart and check the shipping cost.

DHL is the fastest and safest shipping method.

Experience its amazing speed!!