Limited edition Tamagotchi meets “Sweets meets White”.

The release date is the same as Normal sweets meets.

This is available at only the store where “meets station” is placed. (For now, not available in the online stores.)

Because JYW is an online store, we can not get this product from our distributor. In order to sell this product, we have to visit these stores and buy as a customer.

If you can buy directly from those stores, you can get it cheaply. Perhaps Japanese personal sellers will sell them at auction sites. Please consider where you purchase.

We explain how we sell it on our store…

According to those stores, most of them do not accept “Pre-Orders”. Furthermore, before the release date, they do not know “how many stocks come in”.

Therefore, we will go around those stores on the release date. And we will get some stocks.

we will sell these stocks asap. Price can not be decided yet but  sure to be higher than our normal price.

Also, the quantity will be much less than normal sweets meets, please understand.

If you have placed order of “normal sweets meets” already in our store, we can combine with this item, please write your order number in order notes of White sweets order (at shipping address form). We will refund shipping cost.

We hope you enjoy White Sweets meets !