If you want the items on Tamadepa Store, we can buy it instead of you. Please ask to us via “contact form” or “Social Message”. It’s better to tell us the link to the item page.

Tamadepa Official Store


You need to pay below 4 kinds cost.

1. Price of Tamadepa Item

2. Ship cost of Tamadepa ( Domestic postage from Tamadepa to us )

3. Our fee

> When Total Price is under 4999yen : 20% of total Price.
>When Total Price is over 5000yen : 10% of total Price

4. International Ship Cost from us to you.


**We exchange from JPY to USD at the “paypal rate”( a little lower rate than offical rate ) of that day .


For Example,,,


You buy below 2 items :

Item A : 1000yen
Item B : 2000yen


1. Price 1000+2000= 3000yen

2. Ship cost of Tamadepa =648yen

3. Our fee ( under 4999yen ) : 20% of total price =600yen

4. International Ship Cost : caliculated by weight of item. this time 1085yen.


3000+648+600+1085=5333 yen > Paypal Rate at the day: 1$=109yen,  5333yen = $48.92

Total Cost : $48.92




You ask to us about item.
We calculate the cost and show the total price.
You agree
We prepare the page for transaction and you pay.
We place order for Tamadepa.
Please wait 3-4 days until the items arrive at our hands.
We ship your items internationally. We will inform the tracking No.




*We can’t accept any cancellation after we placed order for Tamadepa.

*We can’t write undervalue or mark as gift.