Recently it’s difficult to get the very good condition of Tamagotchi Plus Color. Usually it has many scratches on the screen. We have polished this pink plus color having a lot of scratches by using Tamiya Compound.

We prepare above tools. At first we would like to explain about “Tamiya”. Tamiya is the Japanese company  famous of “model kits”, “Radio‐controlled model car” etc… they have long history and are also famous internationally. Surely one of the great company in Japan.

This time we use this 3 kinds of “Tamiya Polishing Compound”, COARSE, FINE, FINISH.  and Applicator (The cloth ) . It’s made to polish plastic materials.

The condition of Plus color is below !

1st step is masking the screen simply by tape..

then put some compound ( COARSE ) on the screen and Polish Polish Polish !! over 10 min…

When polish, it seems to be better you use something a little hard such as eraser backside of the cloth.

Next is compound ( FINE ), polish again !! 5 min !  and last is  compound (FINISH)…

This time totally it takes 20-25min….so tired and sweated a lot !!!

Peel the tapes and the result is this ! WOW !!


Surely a little scratches still found, it was deep scratches at first. Other tiny slight scratches are not found at all !


<After >

Our effort paid off 🙂