[Important Notice]  About pre-orders for “Gudetama”&”m!x Anniversary Gift Set”.

This time we negotiating with our new distributor, to reduce our price, because we always received the claims our price is high …


Why our Pre-Order price was higher than other store ever ??

At first, We would like to to explain why this happened.

We are “Used toy store” so we didn’t have the distributor for “New items” so we had to buy the items from other stores at their price. So our price is higher than the stores having distributor for new items. It’s obviously thing..

However we selling many tamagotchi and toys on our store so recently some customers thinking of us as the same as “the toy store dealing new items”. And claimed for our price, “Why more expensive than “H*J”, or “A*i A*i”.. your store is impudent ! ” etc…

We are “Used/Vintage toy store” . They are “Toy store dealing only New items”. Completely different store..
However it’s also obviously thing the customer can’t understand that difference,,because it’s the fact we sold many new items ever.


Why we sold New items ,nevertheless we are used toy store ??

The reason is ” All of the fan in the world can’t buy popular new items from “H*J”, or “A*i A*i”. Their stocks is not enough usually. The fans couldn’t buy it from them had to buy on eBay or something other…we would like to meet that request and we sold them to “provide the items to all fans” even if our price is high.

Actually our price might be high however our profit was very tiny amount because we bought it at high price. It was near volunteer for us. So we are a little tired to be abused from customers in vairous situation about our price.

*Big stores usually don’t sell items to forign country, it’s maybe by the reason of “Safety use”. Japanese toy only have the garantee for “domestic use”. For expample sometimes Germany refuse our tamagotchi because Tamagotchi doesn’t have “CE mark”. So now only a few small stores selling toys to forign countries directly although it’s  just our thought.


You may think why JYW doesn’t make a contract with bandai distributor ??

It’s almost impossible especially for Bandai product…now It is already saturated so there is no case small store can start to deal Bandai Product. Distribution of Bandai product is strictly limited. But we now negotiating with a few distributors to deal bandai product.


If JYW can make a contract with that distributor , Customers can buy items at low price and not sold out ??

If we successfully get Bandai product from official distributor, we will sell at low price but we can’t get a lot of stocks as until now. Bandai product is distributed to Big store such as Amazon, Electronic Store etc at first…our small stores can get only remaining stocks after they have placed thier orders.

Sometimes we saw small stores causes “cancellation trouble for Pre-order” , maybe it’s the reason.

(**Cancellation trouble:  it means the store cancel the pre-orders suddenly because of the reason “the stcok is not enough” or Never shipped until next stocks come, even if customers placed Pre-Orders.)

In other words , small stores can’t know the actual lots we can surely get until the release date. Even if placed 100 order and accepted, there is possibility we may be said  ” Sorry only 10 stock is for your store,” on near the release date.


Finally ..

If we buy items at high price and also sell at high price as ever, we can sell a lot of stocks. But we are tired to be abused.
If we can make a contract with distributor, we can sell at low price but we can’t sell a lot of stocks and can’t start Pre-Order until we know the actual lot .

The conclusion is…

“We gave up to sell a lot of stocks as until now, and now negotiating with distributors however we can’t know the actual lot we can get. We will sell only the stocks we surely got, we would not like to cause “cancellation trouble”. So the start of our pre-order may be near the release date. Please understand.”