We decided how to sell this limited item finally…


Strict Limit of Order placed

As we said in social post, Toysrus placed the strict limit for purchase amount, only 1 stock per 1 user account. So we can get this item only a few stocks under usual circumstances. And actual store of toysrus saying, ” for now we can’t accept order of this item, it may be limited in online order, however sometimes they direct to sell items suddenly also in actual store, so there is a possibility we sell it on release date. “.  This is the most strict limit ever..


Middle Man Service

JYW need to get many stocks for our customers so we decided to offer the middle man service to buy stocks. However this offer is a little troublesome because it needs “Personal information”, so we had a difficult time looking for the middleman accpeting our offer,,, Finally we successfully got contract with a few middleman and got about 30 stocks. but We have to pay a little expensive fee to them, their profit will be more than ours (!!!)



  1. We used middleman service so our price will be high. But there is no other way to get many stocks.
  2. If personal sellers, they can use his or his family name, so get a few stocks and may sell at lower price than ours on eBay or other site.
  3. so please much consider it before purchase, whether you will catch the personal seller selling, or buy from us.


Members Only

We may not be able to get stocks anymore for now… so This time our stocks is opened only for “registerd members”. Please understand. Now we already made the list of registered customers. We will inform our start selling by email.


Accepting Order in 2 Steps

We divide our stocks into two, 1 is for our specific customers chosen by order history, supported our store very much in long time. 2 is for all of registered members.

We will inform the date and time of start selling and the link to the order page by email in near future. Please take care of our email !!


*If email address is wrong or your mail server blocks our email , we can’t do anything for it. And we can’t answer the questions such as ” I did regist sure but no email came.. ” etc…Please understand.