Munina handmade is the artist of “kawaii Amigurumis” and “Tamagotchi Crochet Cover”, based in Thailand. We impressed when we saw her items on Etsy site at the first time. Looks colorful, pop and high quality products.

We decided first artist is her♡ Because her items are colorful, pop and high quality. Now we have this “Pastel Rainbow” and “Sweet Pastel”.


Munina handmade


This is fit for m!x, P’s and IDL. Made from very softy acrylic cotton yarn.


Munina handmade


Fit perfectly for our Sanrio m!x 🙂


Munina handmade


A part of connecting or attaching strap is fits very well!! My sanrio m!x seems to be satisfied so much haha 😀

We can recommend this high quality product to our customers. Thank you for great works Munina handmade!!


Munina handmade
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