fairy cakes” is a fun & colourful studio based in sunny Scotland. My wife have bought a few enamel pins and necklace before, it’s so cute and bright, I had interest in this great and pop studio, when I visited the website, surprisingly I found “Tamagotchi designed Enamel Pin” !!




Oh No..I fell love with this enamel pins and I always wanted to get it !! This time I offered to Sally,the owner of fairycakes, whether we can deal this cute item on our store,,She kindly accepted our offer, really thank you !!!




These arrived with Pop cute candy and packed by colorful papers,,I impressed and full of happiness ! I put it on my bag straightaway ! what ? Yes, this is my bag, surely it’s kindergarten bag and I’m 39 years old man but I using this bag haha ! Anyway Anyway, it just fit on my bag and so cute !!




fairy cakes” has official webstore and selling many items there and also available on Etsy site, Please visit and check all cute and high quality items, all factory made, 100% reliable, Thank you “fairy cakes” !


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