We can keep your items for 30 days to combine your orders. This service is done manually so please read this guide and please cooperate with us!

If you are not in hurry to get items, we can keep your order for 30 days to combine your order with next purchase. Instruction is below, please cooperate !


1. Please write comment when you place order.


When you make payment,please write something your comment about keeping order in the form of “Order Notes”. It’s ok for just only simple words.


2. Please write comment when you place next order.


When you place next order, please write comment again, if you are ok for shipping all purchase, Please write “Ship all ! “.

If you want to keep more please write comment as the same as first purchase, “Please keep it ”

Or please send message to us with your order NO. when you want to ship them.

***If you are in hurry to get the rare items, it’s OK you sending email after you placed order without any comment.



There are some rules for this service, please attention !!


1. We can keep orders for 30days since first purchase, when 30days have passed, we ship all purchase.


2. Please pay full ship cost temporarily. We don’t refund the ship cost in each time, We will refund when we ship them out.


3. Ship Cost


Different rule will be applied to this storage service, please understand.


Regular Purchase : We apply “only 1 highest ship cost” when you buy multiple items.


Storage Service : We need “Real Cost of shipment”


***We calculate the real ship cost and refund the excess cost when we ship all items.
***It may be a little bad for you however we need some cost to keep a lot of items,,please understand.