We received some requests of “Will you sell GIGA PETS AR by TOP SECRET TOYS on JYW site ???”
We’re also interest in this product and offered to the product company as we can buy it at wholesale price and sell on our JYW site.

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Unfortunately their answer was that JYW can sell “only in Japan domestic” when we buy the stocks at wholesale price. It means we can’t sell on JYW site. We couldn’t get them at wholesale price….sorry we couldn’t meet your request this time.

Finally we bought it at regular price for ourselves.Taking the opportunity,we bought extra stocks. If anybody who can’t buy it because live in far from USA, we can sell it to you.

Our price is $24.99 +ship. If you are OK for this price ($10 higher than official store) , Please visit the page via below link.  ( We don’t list it on our store, you can visit the page only via below direct link. )

[NEW] Giga Pets AR “Puppy” Virtual Pet Game Top Secret Toys 2018

****If you live in USA, you can buy it on official site easily, please buy from them.
And there is a possibility in future you can buy it also in your country, please consider about that before you buy from us.

***We paid shipping cost from USA to Japan and Custom Charge, this price is our best in this situation, please understand.