27 SEP, this interesting toy will be released by SEGA TOYS. We translate a Japanese article about it by Google, but ! it may be difficult because the many of Japanese specific words are used in this article.”Mochi Mochi” “Hokkori” “Mochi Mochi Suru ( Doing mochi mochi ) Google seems to be confused…

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We tried to fix the confused part by ourselves but it’s also difficult , if it’s still not good, it’s sorry …Thank you for your accommodating .

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This article is by translating below Japanese Article :
Original Article: http://news.kakaku.com/prdnews/cd=toy/ctcd=5394/id=74540/

Virtual pet of Squishy Material with LCD screen “Motchimaruzu” by SEGA TOYS

Sega Toys announces a healing digital pet “Motchimaruzu”. Two colors of cream and berry, and will be on sale from 27th September.

A digital pet that combines popular squishy materials and electronic toys for girls. A new character with a hamster as a motif. The squishy material that you feel healing by touching and the LCD screen are interlocked.  It makes you feel warm with various games  and applications.

As for the operation method, if you push the cheeks of the outer squishy part, Motchimaruzu in the sereen reacts to your action. In the care mode, if you feed and play together enough, Motchimaruzu will become soft ( Mochi Mochi ) and grow into 16 kinds of personality.

On the other hand, if you leave it without playing together, it will become harden ( not Mochi Mochi). As other function, including “Motchiri Mini Coin Game” “Make room remodeling”etc, 12 types of girls’ favorite games. You can enjoy the feeling of “Mochi Mochi” !

In addition, the target age is over 6 years old. Batteries are AAA size batteries × 3 (not included), continuous use time is about 3 hours. The main body size is 92 (width) × 95 (height) × 55 (depth) mm.

The price is 5,980 yen (excluding tax).


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TV Commercial Video : 


[Pre-Order] Motchimaruzu “Cream” Sega Toys Japan [SEP/2018] Squishy x Digital Pet Toy