A fictional toy like Tamagotchi appeared recently in Japanese TV drama,“Hanbun Aoi”, and it became a hot topic among Tamagotchi fans.[show_more more=”>>>Read More! ” ]

It’s called as “Himetchi”. Shaped like bamboo pipe. It may be inspired by Japanese fairy tale “Kaguya Hime”.

It’s introduced as below…

“This game starts from where the bamboo breaks and “Himetchi” comes out there.In her young age, you are feeding but after she become a marriageable age, you have to  give “Ikemen” (Handsome, Good Looking Guy) instead of meal, If you don’t , she will die. “

On the Japanese internet or social medias there is a big response, the setting of “Die if you do not give a handsome” has become a hot topic.

“If you do not give a handsome she will die ? it’s too funny” ,

“I difinitely want it !”,

“I want to know how to raise her to Beautiful Girl..”,

“Oh yeah, I’m dying if I’m her..”

“Please make real toy of this !! “


The most surprising thing is that the TV program production made this for just a short scene …[/show_more]