Now Accepting Pre-Order of this product, PRI-CHAN CAST ANGE DX SET by Takara Tomy Arts.  Release Date is on  4 OCT 2018.

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Product Description by Tamara Tomy. 

Anju exclusive pre-Chan cast is released with DX specification!
Eight highest ranked applications are bundled and new appearance at a reasonable price!

“Puri-Chan Cast Anju DX set” awesome point!
1) Commercialize 7 sets of “yattemita Apps” of each character’s highest rank and 1x “Kiratto App”!
2) All the pre-☆ Chan cast voices are by Anju! By setting an application you can enjoy various conversations of characters!
3) App is Clear Ver. of the image color of each character!
4) The coordination that works with the console is “color change Ver.” of “KR: Kiratto coorde”


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Pri-Chan Cast (Eternal Star White)×1、Slash Ticket×1、Kitatto App×1、yattemita App×7、Manual×1

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[Pre-Order] Kiratto Pri-Chan Pri-Chan Cast Ange DX Set Takara Tomy Arts 2018 Japan [OCT/2018]