Today Bandai announced the new release of “Tamagotchi meets” . You can see the details on official website, and a video uploaded on Youtube.

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Tamagotchi meets  23 NOV 2018 Release !

Twins and Tama pets also appeared and breeding variations are infinite! ?

The latest model of Heisei’s toy “Tamagotchi” ★ You can play with everyone anytime anywhere

Bandai Co., Ltd. will release the latest model “Tamagotchi meets” (2 types × 3 colors each, open price) of the portable breeding toy “Tamagotchi Series” on November 23, 2018 (Friday) .

The main target is elementary school girls, the main sales routes are toy stores, department stores, home electronics stores, mass merchandiser toy depots, Internet mail order etc.

“Tamagotchi”, which is one of Heisei’s leading toys, has expanded overseas since the launch of 1996 (Heisei 1996), and has sold over 82 million units in the world at the end of March 2018).

“Tamagotchi” which has evolved many times with the times has appeared as a toy “Tamagotchi meet” that can be played with everyone anytime anywhere this autumn in Heisei last fall.

“Tamagotchi meets” is a portable breeding toy that added the function to pursue Tamagotchi’s original “fun of bringing up” and expand communication between users.When Tamagotchi who raised is married, Tamagotchi which took over the parent’s genes was born and can be raised. There are more than tens of millions of variations of Tamagotchi born when married. They become various appearances by taking over generations and taking over the genes. In addition, even if born from the same parents grow depending on how to grow into a different looking character.

In addition, twin characters and Tamagotchi ‘s pet “Tama Pet” will also appear. In the “Tamagotchi Series”, we installed Bluetooth® for the first time.
You can also play with the “Tamagotchi meets APP” communication application scheduled to start distribution on November. Through applications, users can communicate with each other anytime anywhere.

There are two kinds of this product, “Marchen meets Ver.” And “Magical meets ver.”, Limited animated characters appearing during playing, as well as the body coloring and design.


【1】 Enjoy “m!x play” where a child who took over the parent’s gene is born!

Tamagotchi grows into an adult character of a friend’s age by infant, rebellious, adolescent years. Tamagotchi got married, an egg is born (m!x), parents’ “color” is inherited in early childhood, genetic elements such as head, tail, and feather are partly in the rebellious period, adolescence It will appear. In the Friend’s Period, the body shape and face will grow exactly like parents.

Even though there are many elements that resemble dads from infancy to puberty, there are times when altruistic inheritance occurs that resembles mom when it comes to the Friend period, or rarely inherited the ancestral elements, and may be similar to grandparents. In addition, even if born from the same parents it grows to Tamagotchi which looks different depending on how to raise.

Since the genes of the marriage partner influence the appearance of Tamagotchi which is raised next, in addition to the fun encountering various Tamagotchi, different Tamagotchi grow up every time and communication between users spreads.

【2】 Twins and “Tama Pets” also appeared and the variation of the character combination is infinite! ?

In this product, twin ‘s Tamagotchi is born with “m!x play” and may grow as twins that do not resemble real genetics. Tamagotchi ‘s pet “Tama Pet” will also appear. Even “Tama pets ” can inherit their parents by “m!x” and connect generations. The variation of the unique “Now Tama” (a combination of Tamagotchi and Tama pet ) is infinite and almost never encounters the same “Now Tama”.

The feeling that it is “one and only creatures” increases affection for Tamagotchi. You can also enjoy the pleasure of nurturing living beings even more.


■ Product Name: Tamagotchi meets
■ Release date: November 23, 2018 (Friday)
■ Price: Open price
■ Type: All 2 types × 3 colors each
“Merchen meets ver.” Pink, blue, yellow
“Magical meets Ver.” Purple, Pink, Green
■ Size: W 60 mm x H 70 mm x D 30 mm (main unit)
W 80 mm × H 110 mm × D 50 mm (package)
■ Batteries: AAA batteries × 2 (Not included)
■ Specifications: Liquid crystal / 1.44 inch TFT liquid crystal, 128 × 128 color dot matrix
■ Sales route: Toy shops , department stores, home electronics stores, mass merchandising toy depot, Internet mail order etc.
■ Target: elementary school girls

Related Information

Tamagotchi’s communication app “Tamagotchi meets App” appears!

With this application, users can communicate with Tamagotchi characters as avatars.

It is possible to meet various appearance Tamagotchi characters accessing from all over the country within the application, to participate in a matching party (“Tama Kyun Party”) that finds a marriage partner. You can enjoy communication with other users.

“Tamagotchi meets” users can take the character out to the application by Bluetooth®. You can play with “Tamagotchi meets” users nationwide through the application.

■ Application name: Tamagotchi app application
Delivery start timing: November 2018 schedule
■ Distributor: Bandai Co., Ltd.
■ Price: Free
■ Supported OS: iOS 10.0 or higher, Android 6.0 or higher



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