All stock of our meets was sold out today.

Thank you very much for making many reservations than we expected. This time, we prepared more inventory than usual, but despite having visited us to purchase at our store, we couldn’t prepare inventory for all customers, we feel very sorry about it.

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Especially, Magical meets Green was more popular than our thought, about 100 stocks  was sold out in 2 days. We are sorry we could not predict well…

For now we can’t get the stocks any more within this year. ( Only a few stocks of cancellation may be listed on the release date )

Next Stocks of meets is scheduled for the beginning of 2019  (JAN-MAR). We have already ordered last month. As soon as the schedule is decided, we will start Pre-Order, or after the stocks come in, we will start selling. We will inform you on social media, please keep checking there.

Thank you very much for many reservations this time.We appreciate so much for everyone.

10 days to the release date, looking forward to it!


However, we think that there are customers who do not want to wait until next year. If you can buy it in other Japanese shops easily, we think it’s best, but if it is difficult for you, we would like to help you.

We can not get inventory from our wholesalers within this year any more. Therefore, we can not sell at the usual price, but if you want it even if you pay more price, please contact us. We don’t list it on our store as normal listing, we will accept order as private order.

(*This is only for normal meets, not for “White meets”.)