Today Eevee x tamagotchi Released,, Thank you for your Pre-Orders (^^♪  and sorry unfortunately all of our stock was already sold out in Pre-order. So we can’t list it today..

We expected Bandai accepts additional orders but they couldn’t and now in Japan everywhere sold out and the price is increased to expensive price….We feel this time is the most terrible situation ( sold out ) in Tamagotchi..

This is the result Pokemon and Tamagotchi, 2 of the popular character collaborate …( ;∀;) Even in Japan domestic, many many people paid double or triple price for it.

We could accept about 200 orders ( 300 stocks ) at normal price but these were not enough.Sorry we couldn’t get enough stocks for our customers, although we did our best to get the normal prices,,( Then we would like to say we don’t cancel any pre-order by stock-out, our store never cancel pre-orders ever and from now on. )

From now, we may start selling it again at increased price, please understand because we can’t get the stocks at wholesale price any more .( Bandai doesn’t accept orders from retailers at all for now.)

We hope many people can enjoy this cute tama without any hardships and paying expensive cost..
BANDAI,,You should work hard !!! Please make more and more stocks ,,, (^^♪


[NEW] Eievui (Eevee) x Tamagotchi Bandai [2019 JAN] Daisuki Eievui Ver.| Colorful Friends Ver.