Today Bandai  announced the release of “Tamagotchi meets Pastel meets ver. ” on 9 MAR 2019. Two colors, White and Purple.


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New Feature of “Pastel meets :

if you use items that appear in “pastel meets” ver., “Now tama” may change to pastel colors! ?

※ Pastel meets Limited Odekakesahi : “Easter Land”, “Flower Garden”

※ Pastel meets Limited 7 characters : “Piyo Tama Usatchi”, “Egg Basketchi”, “Tama Ladytchi”, “Tama Boytchi”, “Flower Fleur”, “Yotsubatchi”, “Chouchotchi”.

Now accepting Pre-Orders, Please check… !

[Pre-Order] [NEW] Tamagotchi Meets Pastel Meets Ver. Bandai [9 MAR 2019]