Recently we received some used Tamagotchi with “Finger Ring Straps” from Japanese users.

These ring straps is made for Smartphones and very popular in Japan. So many product is available in electronic Stores.

This time we chose some cute straps and in stock 🙂 Please check.

1.Disney Finger Ring Strap by PGA 

We have attached it to our meets ,, Alien Model 🙂

It may be a little short for Tama, but no problem to use ,, Cute !

[NEW] Disney Finger Ring Strap PGA Japan

Next is,,

2.Disney Mickey & Minnie Finger Ring Strap by Hamee

We attached it to magical meets pink !

Also Cute, it’s very simple design.

[NEW] Disney Finger Ring Strap – Mickey Mouse | Minnie Mouse


If you drop Tama frequently, it’s worth considering this cute strap !