Bandai announced the release of Tamagotchi Meets Sanrio Characters Meets Ver.

The release date : 15 JUN 2019 Mid JUNE 2019

*Bandai fixed their description from 15 to “Mid JUNE” after for a while.

Sanrio Characters meets ver., You can meet Sanrio characters at odekakesaki and can m! X with them, there are many odekakesaki and items unique to Sanrio Characters collaboration!

※ Limited Odekake of Sanrio Characters meets ver. Is “Ichigo Oukoku”, “Puroland”, “Hoshino Sekai”, “Maryland”. Limited characters are 11 characters. “Hello Kitty”, “Purine”, “My Melody”, “Cinnamon”, “Gudetama”, “Kiki”, “Lala”, “Kromi”, “keroppi”, “Tuxedo Sam” and “Batsumaru”.

And the Strap and Tomo Charm Set also will be released .