The Appearance of “Nowtama Osewa Guide”, -Tamagotchi meets Guide Book – Revealed !

Release Date : 25 APR 2019

*The language is in Japanese only.
*Guide Book for Tamagotchi meets
*Page : 128
*Size: 128 × 182 × 11 mm
*Pulisher : Kadokawa
*Release Date : 25 APR 2019

‘Tamagotchi meets’ perfect guidebook ☆

You can understand all about Tamagotchi’s latest model “tamagotchi meets”!
“Perfect osewa guidebook” comes up!

For each of the two models, “fairytale meets ver.” and “magical meets ver.”, A complete introduction to “odekakesaki” and “tamagotchi you can meet”! and the latest “Pastel meets” as well ☆

In addition, introducing Connecting and How to play with the “Tamagotchi App” that has newly appeared from this time!

With this book, Osewa of Nowtama will be more fun ♪

[Pre-Order] [NEW] Tamagotchi meets Nowtama Osewa Guide -Charaparfait Books [ 25 APR 2019 ]