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I haven’t received my Confirmation Email. ( or notice of shipped )

>I haven’t received my Confirmation Email. ( or notice of shipped )

“Order confirmation” and “Shipped” emails are automatically sent from our system.
Sometimes automatic emails are sent to junk inbox, please check there first,

If you can’t find them also in the junk inbox, it means your mail provider blocking our emails.In this case it’s difficult to send email to your address.

The most common mail providers that have this issue are: (or other country’s yahoo emails) /
“Domestic email providers” in your country. For example, “” etc..

If you use these emails, please check whether our email sent.
You can see the order status and track the pack in your account page, please check also there.

Please mark my package as “Gift” or write a “Under value”.

We can’t write undervalue or mark as gift on the shipping label, so Please check your country’s custom duty before buying our items.

**If you have to pay “Custom charge ” in your country, it’s not our mistake. The custom fee is buyer’s responsibility , Please understand.

About Combined Purchase ?

When you buy multiple items, you need to pay only the most expensive shipping cost.
***You need to pay for all items at once. If you make payment separately, we can’t combine them. (>>>please also refer this FAQ : “My order has not shipped yet, please add the item to it ???”)

For example,

when you buy these 3 items.

item 1 : price $5.00 + ship cost $14.00
item 2: price $5.00 + ship cost $8.00
item 3: price $5.00 + ship cost $10.00.

If you pay for all of them at once, you only need to pay the most expensive ship cost of item 1 $14.00.

Total cost is $5.00 + $5.00 + $5.00 + ship $14.00 = $29.00

How long it takes to my Country?

Please refer the below in each shipping method, but it depends on your country’s postal service. Sometimes it takes longer if an unexpected delay happens in postal or custom procedure. These are just a standard, Please understand. Especially during holiday seasons, it may take longer to deliver.

*Specifying the delivery date can not be accepted. We can’t promise the delivery date in any case. Please understand our shipment is international shipping.

Standard Shipping

“ePacket (Registered AIR) w/Tracking” by Japan post. (Signature Required)
it takes 7-21 days from the pack dispatched from us , and if the post is busy or holiday season it may take longer.

Express Shipping

“EMS w/Tracking ” by Japan post. (Signature Required)
it takes 4-7 days from the pack dispatched from us, and if the post is busy or holiday season it may take longer.

“DHL Express w/Tracking ” by DHL. (Signature Required)
it takes 3-5 days from the pack dispatched from us. and if the post is busy or holiday season it may take longer.

*Japanese DHL is not working on Saturday and Sunday. If you place the order on Thursday or Friday, it may be shipped on Monday, Please understand.

Economy Shipping

“Registered SAL w/Tracking ” by Japan post.(Signature Required)
(This is not available in all countries, Please understand )
it takes 4-8 weeks from the pack dispatched from us, and we can’t promise the date of delivery. We can’t accept any claim about the delay in this Economy Shipping. The tracking is not reflected in real time. If you need to track the package, please choose standard shipping.

When this item listed again ?

Sorry, we can’t answer questions about our future stock because we don’t know when and what items come to our store, we recommend you check our store regularly, please understand.

Please Get ( or Reserve ) the Item for me? I looking for a rare item.

>Please Get ( or Reserve ) the Item for me? I looking for a rare item.

Unfortunately we can’t accept the requests about getting popular or rare items individually .

Because we have received many requests in the past,we know many customers still want these items. And in current situation it’s very difficult to get rare or popular items in stock.

If we can get these items successfully, we will post an update on our Social Media to keep the chance as fair to all customers.

If we accept these requests and sell it directly to customer , Rare item will not appear in our store at all. Please understand.

Please send me notice when this popular item restocked ?

Sorry we can’t send individual notice when an item comes in stock, Please keep checking our store and Social Media for updates on when items come in stock. Please understand.

Please tell me more Details of Leak Infomation about New Product ??

You might see leak information about new release product on any Social medias or anywhere, but we can’t talk about it at all, because we always buy the new release product from the official distributor of Bandai. ( We are under a contract with official distributor ) We have to keep their secret until the day Bandai decided. Please understand.

**Recently in Japan the leak information is strictly watched by product company. So we would like to say we never give any leak information to our customers by our policy. Please kindly understand our situation.


I have to pay “Custom Charge” when I receive the pack ??

[ Policy for Custom Charge ]

In our store “Custom Charge is completely buyer’s responsibility”. You may be charged for handling fees and taxes as your order passes through customs. Any charges on a parcel must be paid by the person receiving the parcel.

We have no control over these charges and we can’t tell you what the cost would be, as customs policies and import duties vary widely from country to country.

By law, we must declare all items at their full price and cannot alter this amount to decrease international custom fees.

Please contact your local customs office for current charges before you order, if you want to know how much it costs when you import items from Japan.

If you refuse a shipment from us, you are responsible for the original shipping charges, This amount will be deducted from your merchandise refund.


No custom charge when you import the items under $800 per day. If you import over $800 as total in the same day (including from other stores ), your pack will be charged in USA custom and you have to pay it, Please understand.

2.EU countries

In almost all case,  your pack will be charged in your country’s custom. Please understand before you place orders.

And our price doesn’t include VAT, you may have to pay import charge and also VAT.

Please refer below article : Buying goods online coming from a non-European Union country


In the case Australian customers buy the product from other countries, GST (a 10% tax on the retail price) is charged on all international items shipped into Australia since JUL 2018.

Previously, GST was only required to be paid on international items shipped to Australia that cost over AUD$1000. New legislation means that GST will now be charged on items costing less than AUD$1000 too. This change has done on 1 July 2018.

Big Companies such as ebay need to collect GST when the customer buy the items in their website and pay GST to Australian Governmant. We don’t have the obligation to do it but you need to pay GST when you receive the pack.

This is not our income or mistake, Please understand and refer below page by Aus Government.

GST on low value imported goods

4.Other countries

In our experience, whether your pack charged or not depends on your country and custom. Please understand there is a possibility you have to pay Custom Charge.

Can't find what you're looking for?

Didn’t find the answer for your question? Contact us.If you have a question about an order you’ve already placed, please send us an email ( not our Social Media ) with your Order.No.

And Please don’t send the same message in multiple ways. ( we can’t judge the same person or not by social media ID ,finally we have to answer to all same messages..)

However if you don’t get a responce within 2 days, please try contacting us through Social media as your email ( or our email ) might not have sent correctly.