Please mark my package as “Gift” or write a “Under value”.

We can’t write undervalue or mark as gift on the shipping label, so Please check your country’s custom duty before buying our items.

**If you have to pay “Custom charge ” in your country, it’s not our mistake. The custom fee is buyer’s responsibility , Please understand.

Item is broken or having defects.

If the item is broken or having defects, please ask to us via contact form with your Order No.
And if possible please attache the pictures of defects. ( Please not via any Social messages )

We will offer the resolution. Return or Refund or ship the replacement.
It depends on each situation, please ask to us at first.

Please translate the Japanese Manual to English or explain how to play in Englsih,please.

We are sorry we can’t accpet any inquiry about “how to play” or “Manual Translation”. If we accept it and many customers request it to us, we will not able to do other things at all…Please understand our situation.

Usuful Tools :

Google Translate https://translate.google.com/m/translate

Please add extra download items from tamagotchi station before ship ?

Unfortunately we can’t accept the offer of any data download from Tamagotchi Station. We can’t visit the station many times or everyday….please understand.

I don’t like JYW, Please close your store?

We are really sorry, we can’t close our store because we have so many lovely customers and we definitely love our cute customers. Unfortunately your request can’t be accepted. Please understand.

Please tell me more Details of Leak Infomation about New Product ??

You might see leak information about new release product on any Social medias or anywhere, but we can’t talk about it at all, because we always buy the new release product from the official distributor of Bandai. ( We are under a contract with official distributor ) We have to keep their secret until the day Bandai decided. Please understand.

**Recently in Japan the leak information is strictly watched by product company. So we would like to say we never give any leak information to our customers by our policy. Please kindly understand our situation.


Why JYW don’t reply the “Comments” on Social Medias ??

We have posted so many ever and still posting everyday on our social medias.

We receive 10-20 “messages”(social media messages and emails) everyday and our customer service part spends about a half day to reply to all messages our precious customers sent to us. Because we thinking this customer service is one of the most important thing in JYW.

But also we receive many comments ( Not message ) on our socials medias. We think the best is that we reply to all comments but sorry we can’t do it for now.

If we reply to all comments, we can’t do other work, shipping, listing, buying or etc..and our work will be stuck completely.
Please understand our situation.

If you have important questions or issues you can’t resolve even if you checked all of our HELP page, please send message to us, not comment on the Social media post.
And when you ask about the order you have already placed, please contact us via “Contact Form” with your Order No., not via any Social medias.

In the case , you ask to us about the order in the past, we will answer, “please ask to us via contact form”.

Please kindly understand and cooperate with us,
We will answer your message carefully and positively every time.

I want to write a message when I place order, where can I write it ??

>>>I want to write a message when I place order, where can I write it ??

Sorry our “Order notes form” is a little difficult to find when you place order,,please refer followings.

1.Please Proceed to Checkout

2.Please open “Shipping Address Tab” under the billing address form

3.You can find “Order Notes” at the bottom, please write your message here.