Product & Stock

When this item listed again ?

Sorry, we can’t answer questions about our future stock because we don’t know when and what items come to our store,so we recommend you check our store regularly, please understand.

Please Get this Rare Item for me ?

We can’t accept the requests for popular or rare items,

Because we have received many requests in the past ,we know many customers still want these items.
It’s difficult to get rare or popular items in stock.If we get these items in stock, we will post an update on our Social Media to keep the chance as fair to all customers.Please understand.

Please send me notice when this popular item restocked ?

Sorry we can’t send individual notice when an item comes in stock, Please keep checking our store and Social Media for updates on when items come in stock. Please understand.

Coupon or Any Discount is Available ?

We sometimes release the coupon on our socials. But sorry we can’t tell the code by request. Please keep checking our socials.

And we are afraid we can’t accpet any discount offers. Please understand.

Please translate the Japanese Manual to English or explain how to play in Englsih,please.

We are sorry we can’t accpet any inquiry about “how to play” or “Manual Translation”. If we accept it and many customers request it to us, we will not able to do other things at all…Please understand our situation.

Usuful Tools :

Google Translate

Please add extra download items from tamagotchi station before ship ?

Unfortunately we can’t accept the offer of any data download from Tamagotchi Station. We can’t visit the station many times or everyday….please understand.

Do you have more English models ?

We mainly sell Japanese models. We can get only 1996-1997, P1/P2 models of English. We can’t get other models of English in Japan. Rarely we can get English models such as Connection, Friends, tama-Go from our customers.

Please tell me more Details of Leak Infomation about New Product ??

You might see leak information about new release product on any Social medias or anywhere, but we can’t talk about it at all, because we always buy the new release product from the official distributor of Bandai. ( We are under a contract with official distributor ) We have to keep their secret until the day Bandai decided. Please understand.

**Recently in Japan the leak information is strictly watched by product company. So we would like to say we never give any leak information to our customers by our policy. Please kindly understand our situation.


Please test working of “No Guaranteed” items before Shipping.

We can test working of  No Guaranteed Item, but please understand below things before you ask to us.

1.In No guaranteed item, Even if it doesn’t work, we can’t refund the item price. And we will ship it even if it doesn’t work. Because we don’t price for working, but item itself .

2.In the case you don’t need the item of not working ( we don’t ship it ), we can refund only ship cost.

If you are ok , please write the comment about test when you placed order.

What is “No Guaranteed Item” ?

We sometimes list the item as “No Guaranteed for working”. This means we can’t guarantee for working. If it deoesn’t work, we can’t refund . Please understand before you place the order.

We usually guarantee for work about all Tamagotchi, other Bandai items and famous company’s product. However, New condition item of other old toys made by “minor companies”, we sometimes sell them as “No guaranteed”. It means we selling it for collecting , not for playing.

In the past we bought many of these items and there were cases we threw away if these didn’t work. But one day we knew the fact there are many customers who want them even if it doesn’t work, for collecting.

And we felt very sorry we have thrown away many old rarity products..
These were so valuable product for collector persons.

After that we decided we sell old not famous company’s product as”No guaranteed”  We don’t open it when we get it as new condition, because “NEW condition “seems to be very important for collectors..

By other word , we think there are value of the price for the “exist” of these items, nevertheless these don’t work.

We would like to ask you, if you want working one, please look for “Used” item in our store,when we sell it as”Used”, we surely test the working before selling.

>Related Question : Please test working of no guaranteed items before shipping ?

Can you give me a discount?

Sorry our store doesn’t accept the discount offer, however if the items not sold, it will be reduced after for a while or on the SALE in the end of month, please add it to your wishlist and keep check the price!!

Why my order was cancelled ??

Basically we will not cancel your order unilaterally.

However, in the following cases, we may cancel your order, please understand. Also, in case of cancellation, we are always sending e-mails explaining the reasons, please check your registered e-mail address.

<Reason for cancellation>

Out of stock:

Although we are selling after counting the quantity of stocks carefully, but in rare cases, we may make a mistake… As a result, we may ask you to cancel if there is no inventory to send to the customer.

Also, it is very rare case, if multiple customers order at the same time (within 5-10 seconds) for only one stock, our system may accept both orders . In this case, after examining which one was ordered first, we will cancel the person who ordered later.

When the billing address of the credit card differs from the issuing country

We often experience chargeback due to unauthorized use of credit card. In order to prevent unauthorized use, if the credit card billing address and the issuing country of the credit card are different, we will cancel the order and refuse further use.

We appreciate your understanding.

Please combine the items I bought on eBay and JYW Store ?

Unfortunately we can’t combine the items on JYW Store and the items on eBay in any case. It makes our procedure complicated and it may cause our mistake or troubles. Our shipping procedure ( stuff, shipping management tool etc) is different in eBay and JYW store. So it is difficult for us. Please kindly understand our situation.

However, If you ask to us via “JYW Contact form” ( NOT via eBay form) BEFORE you making purchase on eBay, we can “move” eBay items to JYW store. This is the only way we can accpet.

**We can’t move the items of “Auction format” on eBay in any case. These are usually “No profit (minus profit ) items to promote our store to eBay users. So we can’t spend more time and effort from the view point of keeping our business.

We appreciate if you kindly understand.