Returns & Refunds

Can I cancel my order ?

Basically we can’t accept any cancellation, but if you need to cancel order by unavoidable reason, please contact us. We will do as possible as we can. But please understand we can’t do it if we have already shipped your order or we may ship before we read your message.

Return Policy

Japan You Want TMGC Store : Return Policy

We can accept the return. You need to ask to us within 30 days since the pack arrived at your hands. The return is sorted to 3 kinds.

1.Buyer’s responsibility – Return cost is paid by customer.

Change mind, not reading the description, or mistake purchase etc…the reason of return is not on us.In this case you need to pay return cost. After receive the pack, we will refund money excepting initial shipping cost.

***Attention : About the return of “Brand-New” item***

Basically we can’t accept the return of Brand-New item excepting “Initial Failure”and”Broken Item”.

2.Our responsibility – Return cost is paid by us.

Defects or trouble found, not described in the pages, initial failure of brand-new items etc..the reason of return is on us. In this case we pay return cost after receive the pack. Please keep the receipt of shipment. And to return or refund, you need to show the pictures or video to show the defect to us, please understand and cooperate with us.

3. The return by Postal Service. The reason of : “Unclaimed” , “Refused” ,”Insufficient Address(including Unknown/Moved) “

1). When we receive the returned pack without any contact from you, we will refund and close your order by following procedure.

We sometimes receive the pack returned to us by the reason of “Unclaimed” , “Refused” ,”Insufficient Address(including Unknown/Moved) “. In this case, we will refund only “half of the price”.

Initial shipping cost is not refunded and we deduct the half price as our handling fee.

For example, Price $50 + Shipping $10 >>Returned to us by Unclaimed >> We refund only $25. ( Half of item price )

Because in this case we can’t get the refund of the initial shipping cost from the postal service. And the return shipping takes usually long days, we will lost the chance of selling that item timely and the value of the product may be decreased in this term. Also we spent our working time for no profit procedure. So we need the handling fee, Please understand.

***Important : In the case You didn’t get any Notice from the Postal service.

Rarely your country’s  postman seems to forget to leave the notice, and in this case usually tracking shows “Unclaimed/Notice Left”, even if you didn’t get the notice.

Please check the tracking status often by yourself, because when your pack is returned to us by “Unclaimed”,  we can’t accept this reason (you didn’t receive any notice ) in the case the tracking shows “Notice left” .

It means even if you don’t get any notice from the postal service and the pack returned to us, we will refund only the half of item price.

2). You noticed “the pack was returned” and contact us before the pack arrived at our hands.

You can choose the refund or re-shipment. The refund procedure is the same as above, please refer  1).

When you ask us to re-ship, we will accept it. You need to pay re-shipping cost. The re-shipping cost is “Initial shipping cost + Handling Fee $5”. We will send the paypal invoice of it.

(Updated on 14 MAR 2019 )


Item is broken or having defects.

If the item is broken or having defects, please ask to us via contact form with your Order No.
And if possible please attache the pictures of defects. ( Please not via any Social messages )

We will offer the resolution. Return or Refund or ship the replacement.
It depends on each situation, please ask to us at first.

My pack seems to be returned by the reason of “Unclaimed”. But I didn’t receive any “Notice” from postal service.

>>>My pack seems to be returned by the reason of “Unclaimed”. But I didn’t receive any “Notice” from postal service.

If your pack returned to us by the reason of “Unclaimed”, we will refund only the item price. We don’t refund the initial ship cost. Please understand.

Rarely postman in your local area may forget to leave the notice when you are absent,(Especially USPS causes this issue often) However even if you don’t receive any notice from Postal service and the pack returned to us, we will refund only item price (not including initial ship cost) in the case the tracking showing “Notice Left”or “Retention”.

Our all shipping method have the tracking No. so please keep checking the tracking often in postal website, please cooperate with us.

To Germany Customers : About the return by ZOLL ( CE Mark Trouble )

>To Germany Customers : About the return by ZOLL ( CE Mark Trouble )

At first, we have sold our items many times (maybe some thousands )  to Germany Customers for this 7 years. We appreciate so much Germany customers.

We have some experiences Germany Custom (ZOLL) refuse to import Tamagotchi by the reason of “This toy doesn’t have CE mark”.  Then we will receive the returned pack after long days ( for example 2-3 months ) ..

This doesn’t happen in all case. Usually Tamagotchi is imported safely to Germany. About 2-3 cases in a year,especially in Winter gift season ( we don’t know why but we thinking the import of child toy is increasing in this season , they may become more than usual. )

If your pack refused by ZOLL unfortunately, please ask to us.

After the tracking showing the pack returning, we will refund when we receive the pack.

And please understand this is not our mistake.  Sometimes we have received a claim to us by misunderstanding that we have made mistake in shipping label or invoice.

Our invoice is automatically printed as the same as you entered, no mistake happens basically. We appreciate  if you kindly understand .

What is CE Mark ?

CE Marking on a product is a manufacturer’s declaration that the product complies with the essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislation, in practice by many of the so-called Product Directives.

>CE Marking

Does Tamagotchi have CE mark ?? 

No, Tamagotch is “Japanese Toy” so it has only ST mark ( it’s Japanese safety standard mark) . And unfortunately Tamagotchi is categorized in “Child toy” . Germany custom can refuse it by their proper reason.

Why only Germany Custom refuse Tamagotchi by this reason ?? 

Sorry we don’t know why…surely Other EU countries doesn’t refuse by this reason. but strictly speaking Germany Custom is correct from the legal viewpoint about EU law.Please understand there is a possibility your order may be returned to us before you make purchase.  We can’t accept any claim or charge back in this issue.

If my pack refused, how going after that ??

Please ask to us . We will refund after the tracking show it is returned to us. we can’t refund before we confirm it on tracking, please understand.

And we would like to add below information with our a little angry to ZOLL, 

The returned product is always opened and the package of product is terribly broken,  we can’t understand why the package is broken ? Why they tear the box of our product when they open and check it. We can’t resell it as new, there were a few times we threw away the boxes and sold it again as “Used no box” item…nevertheless we shipped brand-new product , we finally lost the shipping cost and received the used item….  🙁

When I return the item by issues, Custom Fee I paid will be also refunded ??

>When I return the item, Custom Fee I paid will be also refunded ??

When you return the item because the item has defects or any issues in working, We can’t refund the custom charge from our side.
Because usually you can get the refund of custom charge from your country’s custom.

The Procedure for getting refunds of custom charge depends on your country’s custom, so please contact directly with your country customs in advance.
We can’t support about that, please understand.

***Please be aware that procedures may be required before you return goods.