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“Digital Pet Daizenshu 1&2” — Published in 1997 , by Paradigm 

If you are big fan of Virtual Pets, you may already have or know this Books.This catalog Book of vintage virtual pet is very valuable materials to look for items. Actually I have both 1 and 2 personally, but these were already out of print so it’s difficult to get, especially “vol.2”.

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Thank you for your pre-order.
Today we changed the price of “Pre-Order Tamagotch m!x Dream m!x Ver.”,
from $67.99 to $61.99, so we refunded the excess cost of $6.00 for the customers already orders placed.
Please look forward the release date !

Thank you for your Pre-Orders.

Bandai Cleared the release date of Digimon 20th Bronw & Red.

Release Date : 16 JUN ( Bandai ship out on this day so we will receive it 18th )

We schedule to ship your Pre-Orders on 18-19th in order.
An email of “Shipped” including Tracking No. will be sent to your regstered address.

Please look forward the release date !!

Pocket Usatama OUT today !!

Pocket Usatama OUT today !!
Thank you for a lot of pre-orders, today we started to sell “Pocket Usatama” on our store.

*Price is not the same as Pre-Order, please understand.
*Pink Cover is sold out in Pre-Order. Current price in Japanese market is extremely expensive. So we give up to sell it if you can pay over $100, please ask to us.

About “Pocket Usatama” Release on 3 APR.
It seems to be sold only in Disneyland in Japan. To get it, we have to go there and pay admission fee ! But maybe it may appear in auction after release date. If we can get it fortunately, we will sell on our store ..so we can’t accept Pre-Orders now, please understand our situation 🙂
(If it sold also on other stores, we will keep and sell. )
“Tamagotchi m!x Sanrio Characters m!x Ver.” revealed today !!
Release Date : 15 APR 2017
After we keep stocks and confirm our price, we will start accepting Pre-Order asap, please wait a little more and keep watching our post 🙂
Anyway it’s so surprised.. we thought Tamaogtchi doesn’t collaborate with Sanrio anymore..

Original 1996 Hawaiian Ver. !?

Excuse me! This is Customized !? So beautiful illustration like hibiscus etc,,maybe by hawaiian tama collector did it ?? Or such as this stickers sold in USA at that time ?? Please contact us if you did it. We request the work 🙂 haha

Good NEWS !
This November Bandai releases “Tamagotchi Original Rubber Mascot Ball Chain Strap” as “Gashapon” in Japan.
Now Pre-Order Accpeting our store.>Check!

Official Announcement

6 Character of early type in 1996.
1. Mametchi
2. Kuchipatchi
3. Ginjirotchi
4. Oyajitchi
5. Ohaka (Grave)
6. Tamaogtchi Clock designed

We feel Bandai hasn’t released such as this Tamagotchi item for a long time…Happy 20th !



Over 30 items of Vintage Japanese Virtual Pet Games.

Now listed on our eBay auctions.
Dinokun, Penpy, Pikachu, Gyaoppi , Love Chu etc..
We can ship multiple items by combined ship cost,

Welcome your bids !!

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Social Coupon for our web store!! 5% OFF ( Except m!x Items )

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Expiry date: 27 OCT, 2016

Please add items to your cart, fill the code and apply.
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Happy 20th !!

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We release a few valuable coupons in a month.  You can get coupons on some places….

For example..Rare Item 10% OFF, All item 5% OFF etc…

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Tamagotchi Request

If you have any models of tamagotchi looking for long time , Please send message to us. http://japanyouwant.com/contact

Sure old rare model seems to be not found easily…but we will keep it on our mind and if we find it, we try to get it.

We are afraid this is just the accepting your request, not “promise to get it”. Please understand 🙂


Pick Me Up from eBay

We have also our store on eBay site. http://stores.ebay.com/JAPAN-YOU-WANT

We managing our stocks separately in eBay and our store ( here ). So if you want our item on eBay, please ask to us via this Contact Form.

( Not via eBay message, it’s against eBay policy that we talk about the transaction in other website )

We will move eBay stock to our site,and can discount at least $2-3 !!

Of course we can combine the item on our store and the item moved from eBay.

Please check both here and ebay store !!