[Chocolate] Kit Kat Mini – Easter Egg Paint Banana Nestle 139g


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[Chocolate] Kit Kat Mini – Easter Egg Paint Banana Nestle 139g

One of the reasons that Easter has not spread in Japan was that “I do not know what to do for Easter.” Taking advantage of the kit-cut paper package to create an original “Easter Egg” with the “Egg Paint,” an egg symbol that symbolizes Easter, with a favorite pattern and decoration, a tradition for celebrating Easter. Inspired by one of the events, “Egg Paint,” we have prepared four types of limited packages that allow you to enjoy “coloring”. “Coloring picture” is also gaining in popularity as a new hobby for adults. Therefore, in order to provide a time for parents and children to enjoy together, the package has created two types of complex “coloring pictures” that adults can enjoy, and two types of “coloring pictures” that children can enjoy. The taste of the product is “banana flavor” that both adults and children love.

Contents: 12pcs
Country : Made in Japan
Company : Nestle
JAN : 4902201175388

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