[Pre-Order] [NEW] Digimon Card Game Start Deck -Gaia Red | Cocutes Blue | Heaven’s Yellow [ 24 APR 2020 ] Bandai Japan


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*Release Date : 24 APR 2020


In April 2020, a new card game of “Digimon” will be born.Find your own strongest Digimon with a game system where you can enjoy “Evolution” and “Fostering”!

Included cards are all newly drawn illustrations! It is a product that can be enjoyed just by collecting and battle.

In April 2020, three types of start decks will be released for playing Digimon card games right away!

Find your own strategy in the red, blue and yellow decks.

Pre-constructed Deck
[Set contents list]
1 set of Pre-constructed Deck (53 cards)
Memory gauge: 2 sheets

Product Company : Bandai


Gaia Red, Cocutes Blue, Heaven's yellow

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