[NEW] Bikkura Tamago Digimon Adventure Digivice Bathball [ AUG 2020 ] Bandai Japan


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When the bus ball melts, one cool mascot in the shape of a Digivice pops out from inside.

Using a special app, you can hold your phone up to the mascot and watch a movie of Digimon evolving!

There are six different kinds in the lineup!

When the bath salts are dissolved, the water turns yellow and you can enjoy the scent of chamomile.

1 bath salts with mascot

Shape: round
Scent: chamomile
Color: yellow
Capacity: 75g

6 types
Agumon / Gabumon / Piyomon/ Tentomon /Palmon / Gomamon
****One of the six types of mascots is randomly selected. (You can’t choose the type of mascot.)

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