[NEW] Complete Selection Animation Digivice -LAST EVOLUTION- Premium Bandai Japan [JUN /2020]


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*Premium Bandai Limited Order Item.
*This is not the Game, Only to enjoy lighting and Sound.

Description (by Google translation)

Digivice for adults appears from the latest movie “Digimon Adventure”
Reproduce the “last figure” with gold coloring and cracks!
Includes a 6-pack promo pack that can be used with “Digimon Card Game”

Anime “Digimon Adventure” celebrated its 20th anniversary. In commemoration of the release of the latest movie version of “Digimon Adventure LAST EVOLUTION Kizuna”, the item “Digivice” that appears in the play will be released from the “Complete Selection Animation” series for adult anime fans.
The appearance reproduces the dazzling gold coloring and cracked details that are appropriate for the final figure.
In addition, a lot of dialogues in the play of Taichi, Yamato, Agumon, and Gabmon are recorded, and you can enjoy the impressive scenes many times.

BGM includes two songs, the theme song of the anime “Digimon Adventure” “Butter-Fly” and the movie “Digimon Adventure LAST EVOLUTION Kizuna”.

In addition, “Digimon Card Promotion Pack ver.0.0” (6 pieces) that can be used in “Digimon Card Game” released in April 2020 is included.

Digivice -LAST EVOLUTION- body … 1
Digimon card promotion pack ver.0.0… 1
Instruction manual … 1

Product size
Digivice -LAST EVOLUTION- Body … H 60mm x W 68mm x D 44mm
Digimon card promotion pack ver.0.0 … H 140mm x W 70mm (package), H 88mm x W63mm (card)

Product material
Digivice -LAST EVOLUTION- body … ABS, PC, ZnDC
Digimon card promotion pack ver.0.0… Paper (using silver deposition)

2 x AAA batteries (not included)

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