[NEW] Digimon Adventure tri. MAGAZINE SPECIAL ISSUE w/Prize Pouch [MAY/2018]


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*Japanese Item, The language is in Japanese. With Prize Digivice Pouch
*Page: 36 pages

Complete preservation version!
“Degimon adventure tri.” Completion commemorative BOOK



FREAK’S STORE special product
Digivice Pattern Cushion Multi Pouch

Original “Digivice” design made exclusively for this pouch with full cooperation from FREAK’S STORE.
I’m sure my heart is hot! This is the only book I can get a special design pouch studded with such tricks.
Make sure the truth for the hand.
Of course, not only the design, but also the cushion material that protects the contents & the inside pocket with zipper, the functionality is also outstanding!


> “Digimon Adventure tri.” PLAY BACK !!
We look back on beautiful poster visuals from the first chapter “Reunion” to the sixth chapter “The Future of Ourselves” along with great scenes!

> Digimon Adventure tri. X FREAK’S STORE
Taichi and Yamato wear FREAK’S STORE style
Stylish collaboration items, completed with full cooperation of the very popular select shop “FREAK’S STORE”,
Taichi and Yamato show off wearing as a model!

> Hanae Natsuki (Yagami Taichi role) × Hosoya Yoshimasa (Ishida Yamato role)
Take a special interview
About change of one’s own character through all six chapters, thought to each other’s character, usual fashion too?
Don’t miss the hot talk you can only read here!

> Quotes from Chapters 1 to 6 are a big set!
Pick up many of the quotes that appear in the creation of “Degimon Adventure tri.”
We introduce a quote without a doubt that a heart gets hot!

> We Love DIGIMON Digimon Fans Talk about Digimon Love!
A celebrity with Digimon fan & connection is a big gathering! Kazumi Takayama (Nogizaka 46), Jun Shison, Takeshi Matsumoto,
Mr. Shohei Hashimoto will talk about Digimon Love!

> Extra valuable !? A large publication of the planning documents of the initial Davivis!
The birth story of “Digivice” which is also a key item of the Digimon series I asked the designer at that time.
The plan book of the time when it was originally out of the house was also publicized!

> Latest goods collection
From Digivais, SUMMER CAMP new works, collectors products, we introduce the latest Digimon goods together!

…… AND MORE !!


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