[NEW] Digimon Crest Gummy Candy w/Sticker BOX (12pcs ) [ MAY 2020 ] Bandai Candy Japan


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Blind Package : 1 pcs contains a sticker randomly selected from all 21 types and a gummy candy (29g).  1BOX contains 12pcs. 


From the new anime “Digimon Adventure:”, a moldy gummy candy that imitates the emblem of courage, a key item of the story, appears!

Gummy taste is courageous orange taste. Attached stickers are a lineup of 21 types (including 3 super rares), including dramatic animation drawings and gorgeous illustrators by illustrator Kenji Watanabe.

It is a luxury specification that you want to collect with all kinds of metallic specifications! (Rare is a super luxurious holo specification)

Size : 52mm (sticker)
Product Company : Bandai

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