[NEW] Digimon Shikishi ART BOX (10pcs ) [ JUL 2020 ] Bandai Candy Japan


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Blind Package : 1 pcs contains a Shikishi randomly selected from all 16 types and a Chewing Gum.  1BOX contains 10pcs. 


Shikishi Collection of Attractive Drawings of Digimon is now available!

There are 16 types in the lineup, all of which have original illustrations.
Twelve of them are rare with gold foil stamping.
It contains a wide variety of illustrations, from anime touches to Japanese sumi-e touches.

[Set Contents]
1xmini shikishi (randomly selected from all 16 kinds below), 1x Chewing gum

1. agumon
2. gabmon
3. piyomon
4. tentmon
5. gomamon
6. palmon
7. patamon
8. tailmon
9. greymon
11. anjemon
12. devimon
13. wargreymon
14. special art 1
15. special art 2
16. secret


H135mm x W120mm

[Target Age]
Over 15 years old


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