[NEW] Digimon Wafer w/Sticker [ JAN 2021 ] Bandai Candy Japan

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A new collection of stickers from the Digimon series, arranged in deformed form, is now available!
There are a total of 25 different stickers in the line-up, including the ‘Ultra Rare’ holo version, the ‘Secret Rare’ holo and gold foil version, and many more!
All characters are newly drawn illustrations.

1 sticker and 1x wafer per 1pcs.
(Only 1 sticker is randomly selected from the previous 25 types)
1 box = 20pcs

Sticker Line-Up
Total of 25 types (including 2secret ones)
1. Normal 8 types
2.Rare 6 types
3.Super rare 5 types
4.Ultra-rare 4 types of
5.Secret Rare 2 types


H52mm x W52mm

Target Age
3 years old and up

Product Company : Bandai Candy


20 pcs (BOX), 1 pcs

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