[NEW] Digital Monster X ver.3 “Yellow & Blue Set” Premium Bandai [MAR 2020]


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*Color : Yellow and Blue / 2 colors Set.
*Premium Bandai Limited Order Item.

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2 Colors Set :
Yellow : Digimon … 1 ,Instruction manual … 1, Booklet … 1
Blue : Digimon … 1 ,Instruction manual … 1, Booklet … 1

Product size
W about 58 mm × H about 41 mm × D about 18 mm

Product material
Body … ABS, PC, SI
Brochure … paper

Target age

CR2032 × 1  (attached) * The set batteries are for testing.

Official Description (by google translation,please understand)

“Digital Monster X” is a collection of “X Antibody Digimon” that has achieved “X-evolution” that is different from the usual evolution of the “Digital Monster” series of portable LCD breeding games. The final chapter “Digital Monster X Ver.3” is now available.

In this work, the last battle of “Royal Knights” where 13 Holy Knight Digimons gathered and “Seven Great Demon Kings” where the strongest Demon King Digimon gathered is depicted.

Digimon that appeared in “Digital Monster X” and “Digital Monster X Ver.2” (currently closed for reservations) released in the past, as well as “Gankumon (X Antibody)” and “Examon (X Antibody)” for the first time in the portable LCD breeding game “Anti-antibody Digimon” appears.

As with the previous work, a booklet with illustrations of toy stage settings is also included.

In this work, 107 Digimon, the largest number in the series, will appear, suitable for the culmination of the X series.

As in the previous game, if you win the battle, you can advance the map in the digital world.

With this “Map System”, you can adventure in 45 areas.
Digimon that will become an area boss will appear in each area.

Furthermore, if you communicate with certain Digimon appearing in “Digital Monster X Ver.3 Yellow” and “Digital Monster X Ver.3 Blue”, the hidden evolution route will be released and Digimon will evolve on the spot.

In the “Battle System”, you can enjoy powerful battles with a cut-in animation that increases the Digimon’s face when you make a special move during the battle.

In addition, in the dice probability function “XAI (Rhino) system” that brings about a big change in battle and breeding, the speed of your own attack gauge changes depending on the number of rolls by rolling the dice before the battle.

The appearance of the final boss will be directed using the Seven Great Demon Cut-in animation.

The final boss can be nurtured if the special conditions in the game are met.

In addition, it is possible to replace the Digimon that is being raised with a backup system that can save up to 2 Digimon with the status at the time of breeding.

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