[NEW] Digivolving Spirits 01 WarGreymon Kanzen Henkei Figure Digimon Adventure BANDAI SPIRITS [DEC 2019]


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Digimon deformed figure evolves super. War Greymon appears from the “Super Evolution Souls” series.
The ultimate in Digimon’s attractive “pretty” and “cool” after evolution.
The ultimate collector’s item with the surprise and enjoyment as a completely deformed figure without replacement is now available.

■ Material: In the super evolution soul, we pursue the texture when we pick it up. The metal parts are emphasized using die-casting on the armor of the chest, waist, and feet, which are assumed to be made of Chrome Digizoid.
In addition, the “Dramon Killer” equipped with both hands is plated. A luxurious finish has been achieved.

■ Super evolution: Not only painting applied to fine details, but also changes in body color before and after evolution from yellow to orange are reproduced as much as possible by a completely deformed gimmick without replacement.

■ Proportion: In War Greymon, the first step, the basic transformation method follows the past super evolution series.
Moreover, the proportions are just super-evolved by changing the joint structure and adjusting the balance.
It is a transformed toy full of nostalgic and fresh surprises.