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[NEW] Digmon Adventure: Digivice Premium Bandai [NOV 2020]


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*Premium Bandai Limited Order Item.

The new “Digivice:” that appears in the TV anime “Digimon Adventure:” is now on sale!

~ New features and game systems over 20 years

Product Description

In the TV anime “Digimon Adventure:”, the main character, Taichi, and chosen children use a new design, Digivice, which is now available as a product.

With the quest system and battle system, you can explore all 11 areas of the digital world with your partner Digimon.

This product contains more than 100 characters from Digimon Adventure:
You can enjoy battles and evolution as you progress through the adventure.

In addition, this product is equipped with eight full-color LEDs, allowing players to recreate the evolutionary scene as if it were happening in the game.

The battle scenes are equipped with a roulette input system.

You can increase the attack power of your partner Digimon by stopping them when the timing is right and proceed with the game.

If you conquer a specific area, you can get a new partner Digimon to join the game and increase the number of partner Digimon you can use in battle.

Digivice: …1
Operation Manual…1

H76mm x W76mm x D40mm

Digivice: …ABS, PC

AAA batteries x 3 (Not included)

15 and up.

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