[NEW] Jinbesan -Hoshizora Penguin – BIG Manmaru Plush 550mm San-X Official Japan 2020


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[NEW] Jinbesan -Hoshizora Penguin – Plush Multi Tray San-X Official Japan 2020

“Jinbesan to Hoshizora Penguin” (Jinbesan and starry sky Penguin)

The theme series of “Jinbei-san and Hoshizora Penguin” is now available!

Five penguins came from “Penguin’s Star” in the starry sky.

When they ate the sugar plum given to them by Hoshizora Penguin, Jinbei’s body turned into a starry sky pattern and he was able to fly.

BIG Manmaru Plushie is now on sale!
Soft and sticky plush toy with a soft touch
It’s a nice feeling that makes you want to squeezed!
We recommend it as a cute interior decoration for your room or as a gift.

Size: 350 x 550 x 550 mm
(***This product will be shipped compressed. Thank you for your understanding.)
Material Super soft mochi boa/marshmallow polyester cotton
Description Embroidered

Condition : NEW

Product Company : San-X