[Pre-Order] [NEW] Jujutsutchi Bandai Japan [ JAN 29 2022]


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Release Date : JAN 29 2022 (Postponed from “DEC 24 2021”)
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Collaboration product between “Jujutsu Kaisen” and “Tamagotchi”!

Raise them with your own hands and exorcise the curse!

You can raise Itadori, Fushiguro, Kugisaki, and other students from the Tokyo school, as well as students from the Kyoto school, and Gojo!

Give them Riceball if they’re hungry, Kikufuku if they’re cranky, and train them in three mini-games!

Depending on how you train them, they will grow into various characters.
In addition to the characters you train, Taga, Ieiri, and Ijichi also appear in the game.

If you slack off on your training… the spirits will start to rejoice!

The size of the product is about 4cm.
The program is the same in all colors.

Jujutsuchi x1

LR44 x 2 (included)
The batteries included in the set are for testing purposes only.



Itadoritchi, Fushigurotchi, Kugisakitchi, Gojotchi