[NEW] Jujutsutchi – Hugmy Tamagotchi Set Premium Bandai Japan 2022


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Jujutsutchi and the Hugmy Tamagotchi soft vinyl set are now available!

Jujutsutchi and Hugmy Tamagotchi, the soft vinyl that hugs Tamagotchi, are now available at Premium Bandai!

This is a soft vinyl mascot with a very cute hugging Tamagotchi.
you can decorate your room with Tamagotchi!

The content of play is the same for all colors.
This product may also be sold at some stores other than Premium Bandai.

Set Contents
Jujutsutchi itself…1
Hugmy Tamagotchi (soft vinyl)…1

Product Size
Jujutsutchi body: H40mm x W30mm x D25mm

Hugmy Tamagotchi (soft vinyl)
Itadoritchi ver_….H105mm×W75mm×D66mm
Fushigurotchi ver….H115mm×W95mm×D80mm
Kugisakitchi ver….H101mm×W66mm×D71mm
Gojotchi ver….H110mm×W82mm×D80mm

Product material
Jujutsutchi body…ABS, PC, SI
Hugmy Tamagotchi (soft vinyl)…PVC

Age range
6 years old and up

LR44 x 2 (included)
The batteries in the set are for testing purposes only.



Itadoritchi, Fushigurotchi, Kugisakitchi, Gojotchi