[Pre-Order] [NEW] Kimetsu Tamagotchi – Hashira Syuketsuban – Premium Bandai [ APR 2021 ]


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Release Date : APR 2021.
***If you buy “Pre-Order items” and “in Stock items (or other Pre-Order item in different release date)” together, your whole order will not be shipped until all pre-order items released.

*The only opening performance is difference, playing contents is the same in all colors.

*Including : Kimetsu Tamagotchi Hashira Shuketsuban x1 ,Instruction Manual, Battery (LR44 x 2). (The batteries in the kit are for testing.)
*Size : 4cm
*Age : 6 and UP
*Japanese product. The language is in Japanese.
*This product may be sold also outside of Japan.


1.Shinobutchi (Purple), 2.Giyutchi (Navy), 3.Sanemitchi (Ivory), 4.Tengentchi (Grey), 5.Muichirotchi (Light Blue), 6.Obanaitchi (Light Purple), 7.Mitsuritchi (Pink), 8.Gyomeitchi (Light Brown)