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[NEW] Kirameki Powers -Kirapawa Phone Takara Tomy Japan [ OCT 28 2021 ] [Clearance]


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A smartphone-shaped LCD transformation item that lets you play with the transformation of two new warriors, Honoka and Koyuki!

The Kira-Power Phone is the first in the Girls x Warriors series to feature a camera function! Use the camera to scan the Kira-Power Memory and transform!

Use the camera to scan the Kira-Power memory and transform! Enjoy transforming to Honoka and Koyuki’s respective BGM, dialogue, light, and LCD screen effects!

You can use the changeable sheets to change into the designs of Honoka and Koyuki!

There are also built-in mode change and decoration attack games using the camera!

You can take pictures, decorate them with stamps, and play with them to match the images in the drama!

It also works with the Kira-Power Memory (sold separately)! You can register all of your Kira-Pawa memories! There are also more than 60 other applications that can be played with the built-in KIKARAPAWA Phone! Enjoy a variety of games!


Kira-Power Phone (1), Dress-up sheet (already set in the main unit) (1), Kira-Power Memory Honoka Koyuki (1), User’s Manual (1)

Company: Takara Tomy
JAN: 4904810179399

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