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[NEW] Kiratto PriChan -PriTamaGO Takara Tomy Arts Japan [16 JUL 2020]


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*Japanese Product. The language is in Japanese.

“Puri Tama GO” is an egg-shaped color LCD toy with a camera on the back.
Nurture the mascot inside while doing various operations such as button operation and moving the main body.
The mascot was born from “Puritama”, and gradually grows as “Petit mascot” → “Pretty mascot” → “Idol mascot”.

When you become an “idol mascot,” you will receive special full-coordinates and items.
When you display the two-dimensional code of the present on the LCD screen and scan it with the game housing of the shop, you can use the coordinates and items.

In order to develop mascots, players will continue to communicate by playing standard care games and mini-games such as “iine ★ atsume” and “dance lessons”.

Kiratto PuriChan PuriTamaGO

Including : 1x PriTamaGO, 1x Secret Code Ticket, 1x Deco Seal, 1x Instruction Manual
Product size: W60 × H94 × D75mm ( Box : W120×H160×D75mm )
All 3 types (Powder Pink, Mint Blue, Misty Purple)
Battery: AAA x 3 (Not including)
Company: Takara Tomy Arts

Kiratto PuriChan Website
Official Site >>>


Powder Pink, Mint Blue, Misty Purple

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