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[NEW] Kokoro Araiguma – Pass Case San-X Official 2020


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[NEW] Kokoro Araiguma – Pass Case San-X Official 2020

(San-X Character ☆ Kokoro Raccoon ☆ san-x)
You can clean your heart! ? New raccoon character debuts! School life and social life without any worries. “Kokoro Raccoon” will help you to get rid of tired and damaged hearts. There is no doubt that you will be healed if you stare at it with beautiful eyes! It is a new character with a healing degree of 120% ♪ A pass case is released from such a cute cocoon raccoon ☆ It is a watercolor touch design with an easy atmosphere ♪ With a stretching reel, you can touch the ticket gate while attaching it to the bag ♪

Size: 110×70mm
Condition : NEW
JAN: 4974413761710

Product Company : San-X Official

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