[NEW] Mamegoma “Mamegoma Mame Party” -Letter Set San-X Official 2020


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[NEW] Mamegoma “Mamegoma Mame Party” -Letter Set San-X Official 2020

“Mamegoma Mame Party”
They bring their favorite edamame, and they sing and dance and have a lot of fun!
If you look closely, you can see some of their sea friends here and there.
It’s a party of “mamegoma” who don’t think about anything deep.
We call it “mamepar” for short.

This is a letter set of the popular Sun-X character “mamegoma”.
It comes in four different types of colorful and cute stationery and envelopes!
This cute letter set is sure to make the recipient smile before they know it!
These are character goods that would make a great gift!

Size: approx H190 x W142mm

Including : Letter-wrapped envelopes (4 types, 24 letter-wrapped envelopes, 12 envelopes)

Condition : NEW

Product Company : San-X Official

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