[NEW] Maze Maze Mix Punitapi Chan Bandai Japan [11 JUL 2020]


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*Japanese Product. The language is in Japanese.


New sensation! A straw-controlled tapioca drink-shaped LCD toy is now available!
The game is packed with fun things to do, such as collecting Punitapie-chan and making drinks, caring for her and playing mini games.


Product Details

The straws are transparent behind the LCD screen, and when you move them, the screen reacts as if they were real drinks and makes a sound.

You have to collect as many Puigatapichan as possible to make a drink and make your shop bigger by using a straw.

In the “TapiKatsu” game, you can catch Punitap-chan by poking the straw and punipuni.

In the “Drink Creation” stage, you can make your own original drink by selecting the ingredients and mixing them with a straw.

Once you’ve caught Punitapichan, you can pick her up and take care of her. There are also six other mini-games.


Punitapie-chan …1
Operation Manual…1

Peach Milk Tea (Pink) | Aqua Milk Tea (Blue)
*The game is the same for both colors.

3 x AAA batteries (not included)

6 years and up



Peach Milk Tea (Pink), Aqua Milk Tea (Blue)

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