[NEW] Medarot -Medarotch REVIVAL ver. Premium Bandai Japan [OCT 2021]


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From Medarot, “Medarotch” is back after 23 years!
Includes many newly recorded voices by the cast of the Medarot series
~Includes a “Digimon” x “Medarot” collaboration Dim card that can be used to train Vital Bracelet Digital Monsters as a purchase bonus!

Product Description
The “Medarotch”, an item used by the characters in the Medarot series that appeared in the game “Medarot” released in 1997 and was made into a toy at the time, will be revived and sold as the “Medarotch REVIVALver.

Medarotch REVIVALver.” When you open the Medarotch and set a medal in the center, the medal is detected and the LCD glows brightly with a backlight.
The game features a number of newly recorded voices by Michiru Yamazaki as Ikki Tenryo, Junko Takeuchi as Metabee, and Eri Sendai as Arika Amazake, all of whom have worked as voice actors in the Medarot series.

In addition, you can play the game song “Robottle Fight! can be played back.
The main unit is equipped with “Medarot Transfer Mode” and “Robottle Mode”.
In the “Medarot Transfer Mode”, the main character Ikki’s dialogue is activated by setting the included medal to the main unit.
More than 250 Medarot are displayed according to the medal set.
In addition to the dots from the original game, three new dots have been added to the medalots that are displayed.
The “Robottle Mode” is activated by calling out “Metabee” and “Roxho”.
With the press of a button, the newly drawn attack poses of Metabee and Roxxo can be displayed.
You can also destroy parts while playing the game song “Robottle Fight! can also be played in the “Serious Robottle Mode”, which plays the game song “Robottle Fight!

A total of 31 medals are included, including “Beetle (adult)” and “Stag Beetle (adult)” medals.
Thirty of the medals are made of die-cast material, and are painted to reproduce a heavy texture.
In addition, rhinestones with a sense of transparency give the medals a luxurious feel.
In addition, one of them comes with a weathered medal made of plastic.

Both the medallions and the medallions come with their own stands, so you can display them side by side as well as play with them.

In addition, as a bonus for purchasing this product, a Dim card will be included that can be set in the “Vital Bracelet Digital Monster” that is currently on sale to develop an original collaboration character between “Digimon” and “Medarot”.

Set Contents
Medarotch REVIVALver….1
Medarotch REVIVALver. special pedestal…1
Diecast Medal…30
Weathered Medal…1
Medal pedestal…31
Connecting parts for medal stand…30
User’s Manual…1
Digimon” x “Medarot” Collaboration Dim Card (purchase bonus)…1

Product Size
Medarotch REVIVALver…H approx. 75mm x W approx. 55mm x D approx. 40mm (excluding the belt) (arm circumference: approx. 9cm – 18cm)
Medarotch REVIVALver. dedicated pedestal…H approx. 110mm x W approx. 60mm x D approx. 90mm
Medals: H approx. 30 mm x W approx. 25 mm x D approx. 2 mm each
Dedicated pedestal … H approx. 30mm x W approx. 20mm x D approx. 10mm each
Connecting parts for medal pedestal… each approx. 10mm x 20mm x 3mm
Digimon” x “Medarot” collaboration Dim card (purchase bonus)… approximately 85mm x 65mm x 5mm

Product Material
Medarotch REVIVALver…ABS, PC, PPA, PET, Polyester, Nylon, PP
Medarotch REVIVALver. special pedestal…PC
Die-cast medal…ZnDC, PMMA, paper
Weathered medal…ABS
Pedestal for medal … PC
Connecting parts for medal stand…PC
Digimon” x “Medarot” collaboration Dim card (purchase bonus)…PVC, ABS, EP

Target Age
15 years old and up

LR44 x 3 (included)
The batteries in the set are for testing purposes only.

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