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[NEW] Motchi Fuwa Pet Motchimaruzu Hamster – Puffy Pink | Cotton Blue – Sega Toys Japan [29 OCT 2020]


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Mochi Mochi Fuwa Fuwa’s New Feeling -Motchimaruzu!

Expanding the Mochi Fuwa World

“Mochi Mochi ⇔ Kachi Kachi”


Mochi Mochi squishy’s cheeks and nose are still there, but his body is now “fluffy”!

When you close the big ear switch, Motchimaruzu transforms into “Kachi Kachi” in the game!

Take care of Motchimaruzu and go out into the expanding world of Mochi Fuwa, “Mochi Mochi Mochi ⇔ Kachi Kachi”, transforming into various forms!

Collect Motchimaruzu Baby, who grows up to be a variety of characters, and Puni Tomo, who you will meet on your way to the store, as well as other materials to make the furniture of your choice!

Mini-games and “Puni Tomo” are also a great way to meet new people in each world!

Enjoy the world of Motchimaruzu and Mochi Fuwa!

*Color : Puffy Pink | Cotton Blue
*Including : Motchimaruzu x1, Manual x1
*Size : 100×130×55mm
*Age : 6 and UP
*Battery not included. ( 3xAA battery )

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Puffy Pink, Cotton Blue