[NEW] Motchimaruzu / Punitto Nyanko Crystal Shield Screen Protect Film x1 Pdakobo Japan


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*New. For Motchimaruzu ( Cream/Berry/Momo Motchimaruzu ) and Motchimaruzu Punitto Nyanko
*Product Company : pdakobo, Made in Japan.
*Includes : 1 x Screen Film.


[hard coat]
The surface is hard-coated and resistant to scratches and abrasions. It does not scratch easily and keeps the screen clean.

[Fluorination (stain resistant coating)]
Even if fingerprints or dirt adhere to the product, it is easy to wipe off due to the fluorine treatment.

[small dust particles are absorbed by the silicon layer]
The specially processed adsorption surface encapsulates small dust particles so that no air bubbles remain. Depending on the size of the garbage and dust, it may remain.

[bubble proofing]
It is difficult for air bubbles to enter or leave during the application process, and even if air bubbles do enter, they will be dispersed over time and come out naturally.
Depending on the size of the garbage and dust, it may remain.

[Antimicrobial treatment]
The surface is treated with an antibacterial coating to inhibit the growth of bacteria and keep the screen clean.
Antimicrobial rate 99.9% / Evaluation by JIS Z2801 antimicrobial test method

[Can be re-pasted as many times as you like]
In order to apply the LCD protection film cleanly, it is important to apply it in the correct position.
The absorbent surface is made of silicone, so it can be applied and removed many times.

※ This product is a sheet to protect equipment from scratches on the LCD screen. Please do not use for other purposes. We are not responsible for damage to the film and equipment due to shocks such as falling, water wetness and other unexpected damage.
※ The photo is just a sample.

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