[NEW] Motchimaruzu Punitto Nyanko -Blue Berry | Chocolat – Sega Toys Japan [18 JUL 2019]


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*Color : Blue Berry (Purple) , Chocolat (Orange)
*Including : Motchimaruzu x1, Manual x1
*Size : 92×95×55mm
*Age : 6 and UP
*Battery not included. ( 3xAA battery )

Let’s try mochi mochi!
Mochiri Let’s bring up a cute baby and be relaxed!
You can also mochi mochi mochi! Cat appeared in motchimaruzu of squishy × liquid crystal game!
“Meat ball” is added to mochi mochi button of cheek and nose and mochiri point UP further!
All 20 types of cat characters in the game! The mini games are all new!

Nyanko (cat) of Motchiri pet motchimaruzu comes up!
[This is NEW! ]
・ In addition to cheeks and nose, add meat ball button! I can do my best!
・ All 20 types of cat characters in the game!
・ Mini games are all new! A secret mini game linked to the optional “Tenori Oshaberi Motchimaruzu” is also added!
・ The dusty art item is also a robot vacuum cleaner and a cat-friendly lineup!
・ Newly equipped with “Osanpo” mode! You may be able to meet your friend motchimaruzu at Osanpo! ? (※ There is no communication function)

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Blue Berry, Chocolat

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